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Useful Information for Parents

The Topeka Youth Hockey Association encourages and appreciates support and involvement by all parents who have children taking part in hockey in Topeka. However, in order to provide the best environment for all of the children involved, we do ask that you always conduct yourself in a positive manner and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all TYHA events.

Please show respect for others by refraining from booing or yelling derogatory comments or remarks from the stands towards our opponents, coaches, officials or players. Personal insults or abusive, foul language will not be tolerated. Violations may result in penalties against the team and ejection of the offender.

Parents may not confront or seek to conference with coaches or officials during or immediately after games, except in cases of injuries or emergency medical treatment for their child.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you have about your child, you may contact your child’s coach to set up such a conference. Conferences with any coach to discuss or critique their game preparation, coaching strategy, or the status of other players will not be allowed. If you have concerns about these areas, please feel free to discuss them with the TYHA’s ACE Coodinator, Chris Kutz or President, Stephanie Volle.

Other forms of behavior that are disruptive to the game, or others enjoyment of the game will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, approaching the bench area while the game is in progress, or attempting to coach your child or direct other players during games or practices.

Be supportive of your child's efforts and the efforts of his teammates - be encouraging rather than negative regardless of the outcome of the game.

Please remember


  • These are kids
  • This is a game
  • The coaches volunteer
  • The officials are human
  • You do not play for the NHL


Kansas City Amateur Hockey League

Find all game schedules, scores and league standings here!

Local skate sharpening and repairs

Contact Dean Woosley at 608-1859. Dean is a longtime Topeka resident, retired hockey dad and former adult league official. Dean built a shop in his garage where he can handle most any skate repair and also offers sharpening for just $6!

Leave a message and Dean will call you back to set up a time he can look at your player's skates.

Skate sharpening is also available through the Topeka RoadRunners.  Please contact Amber Droge: for more information.

Stores with hockey gear

Unfortunately, there isn't much gear available in Topeka. You can order gear online or make a drive to Kansas City. There are a few choices in Kansas City, but we would recommend calling ahead to make sure they have the specific item you are after.  Availability seems to vary!

Nill Brothers Sports
119th & Metcalf, Overland Park

Play It Again Sports
7151 W 135th, Overland Park

Dick's in Zona Rosa
8665 NW Prairie View Road

Concussion Awareness

As concussion awareness grows, doctors continue to find alarming statistics about this serious yet often undetected brain injury. Not only are concussions happening right in front of coaches and parents without them noticing, but they are also happening more frequently to young athletes.